vecherka (vecherka) wrote,

Breaking the stereotypes

Love the Sunny weather - solid imposed by society stereotype.
It is difficult, I had to admit to myself, but, Yes, I like rainy weather. Not snow, it is raining. Preferably with fog. Especially at this time - when the grass is just starting to grow, so soft, gentle, and on the trees the leaves have not appeared, but if you look at the forest or Park, you can see that instead of grey shades, trees already replaced them in green. And the air smells of wet earth and freshness. Or thunderstorms in the summer, when rolling lightning trying to capture a camera lens, hiding from the rain under the veranda roof summer house.
I'm not against solar weather. Especially when somewhere to go. In the next camping, for example. But even being in the tent, at night I cozier asleep to the patter of rain.

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